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Gustav Born

Herman Born

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Steve Born
Herman Born's Photographs

In the early 70's, probably 1971, when I was in high school and just as I was myself becoming interested in photography, I found in the cellar of his house my grandfather's old bellows camera and a box of developed glass plates. My grandmother said I could have them, so I have had them in my possession ever since. I had already started to develop and print photographs at home, so I was able to print a few of my grandfather's plates as soon as we got home from North Dakota that year. But it wasn't until recently that I had them all printed, and now digitized for storage and display on the Web.

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Three boys


Woman and baby, outdoors

Grandpa and Grandma's wedding picture (1913)

Woman and baby, indoors

Man at reins of carriage

(fragment of plate)

Baby outdoors

Baby indoors
Man in hat
(Grandfather's brother
Ernest Born?)

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