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The Herman Born Farm

The photo to the right was taken in 1914, the year after my grandparents were married. That is probably my grandmother Amanda standing in the front yard. The picture was taken from the southwest corner of the farm, most likely by my grandfather Herman.

The next photo was taken by myself in 2001 from the opposite corner of the farmhouse. Note that the house has been added on to since the first picture. The big back section was built in 1934 by by grandfather. If I could have looked through that part of the house and back to 1914 while I was taking the picture, I would have seen my grandfather with a bellows camera and a tripod standing about where Highway 18 now runs in front of the house. I would have taken a picture from roughly the same place, but, besides for requiring me to stand in the highway to take it, the photo would have shown nothing but a wall of trees and a short section of driveway.

This last photo shows the northwest corner of the house. My uncle Vernie is bending over near the house to check on something. My aunt Margaret, my daughter Juliana, and my wife Karla stand looking at the house.

As in the photo of my great-grandfather Gustav's farm, none of the buildings from the first photo still stand except the farmhouse. But unlike the Gustav Born farm, this one does have lots of other buildings on it that have been built over the years. Click here for photos of those.

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