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The Shed

This is the only other structure standing on the Gustav Born farmstead today that dates from the time he lived there. I have no idea when it was built. It does seem to be pictured at the edge of one of the photos in the genealogy, but also seems to be absent in others. Since a few of the photos are dated 1906 and 1907, it was probably built after that time. Here it is seen from the northeast. I was standing between it and the house when I took this photo.

My uncle Vernie, when we were walking around the farm on July 21, 2001 (the day this photo was taken), ventured the opinion that the front part of this shed was actually the house where Gustav and his family lived for awhile before the large house was built. He said he could easily be wrong about that, however, and I think he may be. It seems to be definitely missing in several of the genealogy photos, so I think it is probably a later addition.

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