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The Gustav Born Farmhouse

This is the farmhouse on the old Gustav Born farm, seen from off the southeast corner. My guess is that the top photo was taken shortly after it was constructed, probably before 1905. (Maybe the photo was taken while the family was moving in. The horse-drawn wagon on the right may have been used to move furniture to the house. What seems to be a desk is sitting on the lawn to the left.)

The house has obviously been remodeled since that time—guessing again, I would say during the 40's or 50's when Gustav's son Theodore and Theodore's wife Frona lived here. Two chimneys have been removed and the porch has been redone and partially enclosed. Note also that the windows on the right side have changed. This is due to the kitchen being remodeled and a bathroom being put in behind it.

The lower photo taken July 20, 2001. My wife Karla is on the porch, and my daughter Juliana is in the yard. During that time, which came during my first visit back to North Dakota in 23 years, I took several other pictures of the farmhouse also

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