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The Gustav Born Farm

The pictures below are of my great-grandfather's farm which was probably built around 1900 or before. In both pictures, we look at it from some distance southeast of the farmhouse. My great-uncle Ernest (Gustav's third son, born in 1890) is on the extreme left and my great-aunts Olga and Margaret (1893 and 1892) are on the right. A family friend is standing next to Ernest. (Are they holding something between them that they've bagged with the shotgun? Is that a dog to the right of Margaret?) Judging by the apparent ages of the people in the photo, I would say it must have been taken between 1905 and 1910.

The lower photo was taken nearly a hundred years after the upper, on July 21, 2001. None of the buildings from the first still stand except the farmhouse itself.

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