An Index to the Works of Martin Luther

Sources and References

The abbreviations in the columns of the main index refer to the following editions of Luther's works:

"AE" = The American English Edition (also frequently referenced as "LW"):

Luther's Works,
Volumes 1-55 (1955-1986):

Jaroslav Pelikan, editor, Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis (vols. 1-30);
Helmut T. Lehmann, editor, Fortress Press (formerly Muhlenberg Press), Philadelphia (vols. 31-55);

Volumes 56-79 (2009-2025):

Christopher Boyd Brown and Benjamin T.G. Mayes, editors, Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis.
Title List of New Volumes

"WA" = "Weimarer Ausgabe" (German for "The Weimar Edition"):

D. Martin Luthers Werke: Kritische Gesammtausgabe (Dr. Martin Luther's Works: Critical Collected Edition), Hermann Böhlau, Weimar. Later volumes published by H. Böhlaus Nachfolger. 121 vols., 1883-2009, including:

DB = Die deutsche Bibel (The German Bible), 15 vols.
Br = Briefwechsel (Correspondence), 18 vols.
TR = Tischreden (Table Talk), 6 vols.

"StL" = The St. Louis German Edition:

Dr. Martin Luthers Saemmtliche Schriften (The Complete Works of Dr. Martin Luther), Dr. Johannes Georg Walch, editor, Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis. 22 vols., 1885-1910 (Revision of 24 vol. 1740-1753 edition)

Online Sources

Wikipedia article on the Weimar edition - This has an excellent description of the work as a whole as well as a list of the individual volume titles. - A Danish site that not only has a list of the volumes of the Weimar edition and the original Walch edition, but also has links to the works themselves.

Project Wittenberg's Luther section - Twenty or so selected works of Luther's translated into English.

"Beggars All" Blog - A blog entry that has a very good description and partial list of contents of the Walch and the revised Walch ("St. L.") editions of Luther's works.

Concordia Publishing House Prospectus - A detailed description of the contents of the new series of volumes (56-82) being added to the American edition of Luther's Works by CPH. - Contents by volume (but without page numbers) of the American Edition and Weimar edition.

Back To Luther Blog information on the St. Louis edition - The second part of this post has lots of valuable information on the St. Louis edition, including links to download many of its volumes in PDF format. Also here is a downloadable spreadsheet of Luther's works cross-referenced by the St. Louis edition, the American edition, the Weimar edition, and the Erlangen edition.